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Our aims

Through the ProspectUs project we are planning to strengthen the research potential of the University of Silesia. We believe that the most effective way to do so is to step aside and have a better look at our University in its environment and then to work out a long-term plan for development. In Latin prospectus stands for perspective. Additionally, this word, which serves as the name of our project, also houses the pronoun US. In this manner we stress the fact that our activities are going to be personal and are going to concern every member of our academic community. We would like all of the staff to adopt the perspective that University of Silesia is us.

“ProspectUS – developing our academic reputation” is financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the activity “Strategy of Excellence: Research University”. The project is headed by our Vice-Rector for Finance and Development, professor Michał Daszykowski.

In 2017 seven of our twelve faculties were awarded the A category by the governmental body The Committee for Evaluation of Scientific Research Institutions and the University of Silesia was recognised as a research university. This decision not only conferred prestige, but it may also translate into additional funding. However, in order to maintain this status and obtain the extra money, we are compelled to take action with view to strengthening our academic potential. This can only be achieved if we concentrate on the following key areas:

  • strengthening international visibility of our research efforts through increasing the number of publications in high impact journals,  number of patents and grants received;
  • developing academic cooperation with prestigious international research centres;
  • improving the quality of education at all stages, including doctoral programmes;
  • creating favourable conditions for professional development of staff as well as improving the quality of management.

The above are not only consequence of the currently implemented plans of restructuring higher education in Poland (through what is known as the 2.0 Act). More importantly, these are the requirements of the contemporary academia. It is, after all, no secret that in times of facilitated communication researchers integrate to verify the results obtained locally.

One of the tools that is being prepared for all of the members of our community is a new strategy. This strategy should become a beacon for those who have just begun their careers at our University, as well as for those who have worked with us for several years now.  #Strategy4US will be based among others on the results of analyses conducted as part of the ProspectUS project.

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The project is financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the activity “Strategy of Excellence: Research University” for the years 2018–2019