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Our teams

University of Silesia is a research institution and has potential to further develop in this respect. In order to fully unlock this potential ProspectUs teams were created, composed of researchers, teachers, as well as administrative and managerial staff to ensure a good representation of our whole community. In order to ensure an objective outlook on our common expectations and goals we also invited external experts to cooperate. 
Each of the teams is responsible for a different sphere of activity:


  • Social Environment Analysis Team – is tasked with analysing our social, political and economic environment. It is led by Agnieszka Dunaj;
  • Development Potential Analysis Team – has various tasks, among others:
    • to diagnose our strengths and weaknesses in specific research areas (under the guidance of professor Andrzej Noras),
    • to analyse the level of collaboration with renowned research institutions abroad (under the guidance of professor Tomasz Pietrzykowski),
    • to analyse the level of international visibility of our research staff (under the guidance of doctor Aneta Drabek),
    • to conduct Excellent Research Teams analysis (under the guidance of professor Barbara Kożusznik),
    • to analyse quality of education (under the guidance of professor Ryszard Koziołek),
    • to analyse the management quality (under the guidance of doctor Agnieszka Skołucka);
  • Strategic Situation Analysis Team – is tasked with conducting the opportunities and threats analysis. It is led by Krystyna Fus;
  • Main Executive Team – is  tasked with coordinating the activities of all the individual teams. It is led by professor Michał Daszykowski;
  • Strategy Development Team – is tasked with preparing a strategy for the long-term development of our University. It is led by professor Janusz Janeczek; 
  • and finally Strategy Communication Team – whose task is to make sure that the communication about the project is clear and timely. It is led by professor Barbara Kożusznik.

The whole project is overseen by the Steering Committee chaired by professor Andrzej Kowalczyk. 

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The project is financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the activity “Strategy of Excellence: Research University” for the years 2018–2019